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Management Academy LLC

Escuela Normas ISO

Management Academy LLC develops Continuing Education training on ISO standards, management processes, ISM Code, ISPS Code and MLC 2006 standards for the Maritime industry. Our footprint is not Limited to U.S.A., it extends to Latinamerican countries and several countries in Europe. All our courses are available online.

Management Academy LLC provides training at all levels of ISO standards, Safety Codes and Maritime Codes, including basic training for Business purposes training and their respective qualifications.

Management Academy LLC offers courses and supplies accredited training material across the continent.  Training manual can be purchased from Management Academy head office or at any accredited training centre.

Management Academy LLC had been organized as LLC at the State of Florida (USA), and maintains its head headquarters at 600 Clevaeland Street, Suite Office 221, Clearwaters, FL, USA.

Escuela Norma ISO is a fictitius name owned by Management Academy LLC according to Fictitius Name Act (s.865.09, F.S.)

The Fictitious Name Act (s.865.09, F.S.) requires any person (which, by definition, includes an individual, as well as a business entity) to register their “fictitious name” or “dba” name with the Florida Department of State prior to conducting business in Florida. Registration of a fictitious name under the Fictitious Name Act allows:

  • An individual or business to operate under a name other than their legal name.
  • The public to search Sunbiz to determine what individual or business is operating under the fictitious name.